Making puppets in room 8

Look at our puppets

This week we used different sorts of materials to make puppets.

We had great fun making our puppets.

Our puppets are made from felt. Two pieces of felt were sewed together to make the puppet.

We brought the puppets to life by giving them faces and hair. We used wool, cotton balls, pipe cleaners and other bits and bobs.
Look at the fantastic puppets we made.


Science in room 8

Today we worked as scientists.

We carried out an experiment to see if all heavy things sink.

We looked at alot of different things to investigate the question.

We all told teacher what we thought was going to happen.

13 children thought that all heavy things sink and 4 children thought all heavy may not sink.

We wrote our guess on our sheet and some boys and girls put the object into the water, we all watched closely to see if it would float or sink. We recorded the result on our record sheet.

We were all really suprised to see that the orange floated in the water.
The result of the experiment showed us that not all heavy things sink.

It was very interesting!

The Mulkerrin Brothers

The Mulkerrin Brothers

The brothers came to our school and played music and Séan danced sean nós.

The boys are very talented. They are dancing in the final of "Irelands Got Talent" on March 15th. They need all of our votes. Good luck to the boys from the West.