The Volcano

We have heard a lot of talk about the Volcano in Iceland. Using our Interactive whiteboard we had a look at the volcano erupting and we were fascinated by it. As a result we decided we would make our own volcano.
Leah made this volcano using Papier Maché. Teacher brought in breadsoda, vinegar and red food dye. Our volcano erupted beautifully and we needed a big tray to collect the Lava!

Planting Potatoes

As part of our Nature Study we planted three potatoes in a plastic bag outside our classroom. We put a few shovels of compost in the bag. We placed the potatoes in the compost. We covered the potatoes over with more compost. We watered them and left them to grow.
We look each day to see have any shoots come up from the potatoes and we water them frequently. When the shoots come up over the soil we will cover them again with compost which will increase our crop of potatoes.

Nature walk

We went on lots of Nature walks. Here we are looking at the changes Spring has brought to nature. We are looking at the buds opening on the Ash and Horsechestnut trees.