Town Hall Theatre

We went to the Town Hall Theatre last Friday to see a show called Nubes meaning Clouds. It was part of the BaborĂ³ Festival. We saw six dancers create a world of moving objects and dream-like imagery utilising the theme of Clouds in the most magical way.
We went to the Town Hall by bus and that was very exciting. We discussed and drew pictures of our favourite parts of the show when we returned to the classroom.

Library Visit.

We walked to Ballybane Library last Friday. We were there for Storytime. We heard the story of The Widemouth Frog. We really enjoyed it. Jonathan played the guitar for us too. We looked at the books there. We were very tired by the time we had walked back to our classroom.

Bottle Bank

We visited the bottlebank last week as part of our Science lesson. We were discussing Recycling. Teacher brought in some bottles so we all went to the bottlebank and we decided into which bank each bottle should go. Two gentlemen came with a big box of various coloured bottles. We watched to see were they putting the bottles in the right banks. We know a lot about Recycling now.