Our Sense of Smell!

We have been learning  all about "Our Senses" this week in class. Today we looked at our sense of smell. Teacher gave us some different things to smell and we had to guess what each one was... It was great fun! We smelled coffee,vinegar, chlorine, fairy liquid, curry powder, chocolate and ketchup.

Fishy Fishy!

Thomas brought his pet fish Nemo into class today. Thomas explained all about how he looks after Nemo. We drew pictures of Nemo in our copies. Thomas brought Nemo around to all the Junior and Senior Infant classes so they could see him. Thanks Thomas!

Spring/Easter Art

Our Easter Art!

Teacher hung all our bunnies in the window so the Easter Bunny would know where our classroom was...

Bunny Madness!

Spring Flowers

We used old toilet rolls, paint and glue to make our Spring flowers.

We love Art in Senior Infants!

The Beach!!

On our way to the beach we pretended to be pirates walking the plank. It was really fun!

We all worked together to build a huge sandcastle. Teacher got us some water and showed us how to make a moat around the castle.

Big smiles!

A visit to the playground March 28th 2012

Today we visited the playground with Miss Flaherty's class. We had great fun playing in the
sunshine!!We played on the swings,the slides and the climbing frames. Teacher even had a go.. :-)