Sharing and Caring

In our SPHE lessons we have been talking about sharing things in the classroom like crayons, lego, duplo, books, pencils etc.. We also talked about caring for each other and respecting things that belong to other people. 
The children have built this castle over a number of weeks. Most of the children have helped with the building of it. They shared the Lego as they built it.  It also shows that they respected what other children had built and they did not damage it.


We love to look at photographs of us which were taken since we came to Senior Infants. We love our Witches Walk photos.


Construction is part of our Art and Craft programme. Here you can see our future Architects, Engineers, Artists and Mathematicians creating and inventing!


Two students from GMIT came to our classroom each week before Christmas for six weeks. They read stories to us and told us about how to save our money. They gave us money boxes for holding the money we save.