Floating and sinking

Today we were doing an experiment to see what would float and what would sink. We discovered that a pencil, wood, a bottle and a piece of paper float. We discovered that a stone, a coin, and a piece of lego all sink. Teacher gave us a ball of plasticine each. When we put it in the water it sank to the bottom. We discovered that if we made it into a boat shape it would float.

Making words

We make lots of words using our magnetic letters on our magnetic boards. We are able to make lots of words without any help.

The Lifeguard

We had a visit from Séamus, the lifeguard, on Monday. He told us a lot of rules about swimming at the beach. We must swim between the yellow and red flags where it is safe. A red flag means "danger" so we should not swim if it is up. We should not swim after eating as we might get a cramp. He gave us stickers if we could tell him one of the many rules.
Séamus showed us a lifebuoy and showed us how a person is pulled from the water using the lifebuoy. He also told us not to mess with the lifebuoy as some day it might be needed to save someone.

Raised vegetable bed

Wictoria's dad made a lovely " raised bed " for our classroom. It is a wooden rectangular frame with a canvas base. He kindly transferred the potatoes which we had growing in a plastic bag into the new bed. We planted two cabbage plants into the bed. We also sowed some lettuce seed and onion seed in the bed. We water them every day and we are waiting for the seeds to grow.
A big "thank you" to Wictoria's dad from all of us!


We got five caterpillars in school last Wednesday. They came in a container with enough food inside for them. There are air holes in the lid of the jar so they can get air. We look at them every day to see if they are growing!

Bird's Nest

Yan brought in a bird's nest today. It is big and heavy. It is made from sticks woven carefully together. The inside of the nest is lined with hair. We all examined the nest and came to the conclusion it belonged to a big bird. We think it may belong to a Magpie!


Our potatoes are doing well. We can see the leaves over the soil now. We love to water them using our watering can. We get the water from the "water butt" outside.